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One of the things we love about being musicians is the opportunity to perform and share our music for a greater cause. So often we get caught in the hustle of trying to book gigs, record, promote, and tour that we lose sight of the big picture and the simple ways in which music can be appreciated in it’s most stripped down form… for celebration and entertainment.
This past weekend we were graced with performing at not one but two of those events, the first being Friday evening at the Marriage Equals Equality Ceremony in New York. We were in the company of some of the most impressive and talented people in NYC, including Norah Jones, numerous Broadway show actors, a state representative, TV personalities, and more. A compelling Huffington Post piece was written about the evening, which truly captured the spirit of the the night. It was particularly sentimental for us, as Middle Collegiate Church is the same church we were married in four years ago.
Sunday was also a fantastic experience. We played outdoor festival called the FORCE Arts Music Festival, in Stirling, NJ, supporting arts education in the school system. The Stirling Hotel is a fabulous restaurant that used to be an old hotel, owned by a lovely woman named Dori. Dori’s daughter, Jessie Baylin, is married to Nathan Followill, the drummer from Kings of Leon, and is wonderful singer-songwriter in her own right. The crowd was attentive, the food was delicious, and everyone was so warm and appreciative. Huge thanks to Spider Glenn from WNTI for having us!
It was the perfect weekend for being a part of something bigger than ourselves and we came home rejuvenated, inspired, and apparently generous since we ended up expanding our family and adopting a new kitten! The name is yet to be decided… suggestions welcome.
Now we’re getting ready for our big show this Friday at 7:00pm, Rockwood Stage 2, opening for Allie Moss. We’ll be celebrating the release of her awesome new CD, “Late Bloomer,” and hope you’ll join us! Don’t forget to get your tickets at
Keep an eye on things… we have a new website with some exciting surprises for our fans coming your way!
Peace and love always,
Becky and Nathan

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NYC Show with Allie Moss!

After such a great run of shows this past month we are really looking forward to getting back into the studio and finishing up this next full length album, set to release in Fall 2011.  Thanks to Mishara Music, our most recent EP “Gravity” was just released and our NEW website will be up and running any day now with a few goodies for our fans!

While most of June will be spent locked in a studio, we are thrilled to announce that on Friday, June 17 we’re emerging from the music cave to open for the incredibly talented Allie Moss at her Record Release show and Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2.  We know how exciting a CD release is for an artist, and we were honored to be a part of Allie’s big night.  If you are in the New York area please be sure to save that date and come out and join us.  You will fall in love with Allie’s beautiful voice and moving lyrics… not a show to miss!  We go on at 7:30pm sharp… hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful, sun-kissed, friend and family-filled Memorial Day weekend!

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Thank You Bethel Woods!

We are STILL reeling in the afterglow of such an exciting show this past Saturday!  Between the historic story behind Bethel Woods (you know how much we love our history) and the honor of opening for Eileen Ivers, we can’t think of a better way to have spent our evening.

A fun fact:  Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was actually built on the site where the original 1969 Woodstock took place in upstate New York.  You can still feel the presence of the great singer-songwriters of that time… the energy in that theatre is just full of life and inspiration and so many enormous entertainers have graced that location over the years.  We performed on this big, beautiful stage looking out to a space that can accommodate 1,000 people, with glorious sound and perfect lighting.  It really was a magical moment.

Stuart Berg wrote an absolutely lovely review of the performance that you can read here: Out In The Woods

Thank you again to Song Circle, Eileen Iver, and Bethel Woods for the incredible experience you shared with us… we will never forget it.

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Barnaby Bright


Lyrics: Rebecca Bliss

Spring is blowin’ in on a chilly morning breeze 
A cold reminder winter soon will be a memory 
Branches old and bare await their promised bloom 
They paint a maze above me to illustrate my gloom 

February, February reminds me that winter’s behind me 
And the flowers of another spring 
Will come and I’ll have nothing to show 

Snow is all around reflecting moon’s white face 
He knows that it will fade when 
the March sun melts it all away 

February, February reminds me that winter’s behind me 
And the flowers of another spring 
Will come and I’ll have nothing to show 
And every month that passes by 
I feel even more alone 
Guess when you said forever 
You meant you were never coming home 

The brittle leaves are singing me gently off to sleep 
The night wind whispers secrets 
She thought that she could keep 

February, February reminds me that winter’s behind me 
And the flowers of another spring 
Will come and I’ll have nothing to show

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