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One of the things we love about being musicians is the opportunity to perform and share our music for a greater cause. So often we get caught in the hustle of trying to book gigs, record, promote, and tour that we lose sight of the big picture and the simple ways in which music can be appreciated in it’s most stripped down form… for celebration and entertainment.
This past weekend we were graced with performing at not one but two of those events, the first being Friday evening at the Marriage Equals Equality Ceremony in New York. We were in the company of some of the most impressive and talented people in NYC, including Norah Jones, numerous Broadway show actors, a state representative, TV personalities, and more. A compelling Huffington Post piece was written about the evening, which truly captured the spirit of the the night. It was particularly sentimental for us, as Middle Collegiate Church is the same church we were married in four years ago.
Sunday was also a fantastic experience. We played outdoor festival called the FORCE Arts Music Festival, in Stirling, NJ, supporting arts education in the school system. The Stirling Hotel is a fabulous restaurant that used to be an old hotel, owned by a lovely woman named Dori. Dori’s daughter, Jessie Baylin, is married to Nathan Followill, the drummer from Kings of Leon, and is wonderful singer-songwriter in her own right. The crowd was attentive, the food was delicious, and everyone was so warm and appreciative. Huge thanks to Spider Glenn from WNTI for having us!
It was the perfect weekend for being a part of something bigger than ourselves and we came home rejuvenated, inspired, and apparently generous since we ended up expanding our family and adopting a new kitten! The name is yet to be decided… suggestions welcome.
Now we’re getting ready for our big show this Friday at 7:00pm, Rockwood Stage 2, opening for Allie Moss. We’ll be celebrating the release of her awesome new CD, “Late Bloomer,” and hope you’ll join us! Don’t forget to get your tickets at
Keep an eye on things… we have a new website with some exciting surprises for our fans coming your way!
Peace and love always,
Becky and Nathan

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